Auto Transport

So…What is Auto Transport

Put simply, auto transport is the process of transporting a car from one place to another without driving it. There are a lot of different ways to get this done. While any auto transport company may have their own ways of performing a move for you, American auto transport generally it falls under 4 or so different categories of auto transport services:

Direct Auto Transport

This is perhaps the most basic form of auto transport in existence. You provide you auto transport companies with your name, address, and date of pick up, and a driver will arrive to pick up your vehicle on or around your specified date.

Enclosed Auto Transport

Enclosed shipping is less common than direct auto transport, but more common than port to port auto shipping or terminal shipping. The principles of enclosed shipping are essentially the same, with the main difference being the type of trailer (as the name implies, and enclosed trailer is enclosed and protected from the elements, ) and the price for transport (pricing is more expensive.)

Terminal Shipping

Terminal shipping is one of the least common types of auto transport services. ?The principle behind terminal shipping is that cars are transported to and from terminals (i.e. warehouses or yards that store cars) so that loads can be consolidated. This allows for cheaper auto transport rates, but less control over who will be transporting your vehicle and timings for pickup and delivery.

Port to Port Auto Transport

Port to port shipping is strictly for overseas transport. These services are provided by a handful of firms operating out of major US ports.

How do I Get an Auto Transport Quote?

Once you know what you need in terms of services, get yourself some auto transport prices. It’s really easy to get quotes from American Auto Move. Simply navigate to the left of this page, fill out your information, and within seconds, you’ll have yourself an accurate, firm auto transport quote!

And What About Finding the Best Auto Transport Company?

There are tons of great resources out there for finding both brokers and auto transport carriers. Many people like using Transport Reviews. Transport Rankings is also a great resource. Of course, the Better Business Bureau can be invaluable for rooting out the good companies from the bad.

Is That All I Know Before I Get Started?

Yes! That’s all you need to know. Go ahead and start looking for information about shipping your car right away! Happy hunting, and remember that American Auto Move is the BEST resource for auto transport on the internet!