Enclosed Auto Transport

enclosed auto transport trailer

There are many ways to get your car shipped, but sometimes the more standard and traditional methods are simply not enough. When you’re shipping a special kind of car, you need a special kind of carrier. Enclosed auto transport is the premiere way to ship your most valued vehicle.

The Safest Way to Ship Your Vehicle

There’s no doubt that enclosed car transport is simply the safest way to ship your vehicle. The fully enclosed, hard-sided body of the trailer prevents inclement weather and road conditions from interfering with your shipment.

Soft Tie Downs and Climate Control Systems

Aside from protection from the elements, you’ll get protection from the trailer itself. Unlike open trailer transport, enclosed auto transport trailers make use of soft tie downs and climate control so that your vehicle arrives in the exact same condition as it left in.

Ultra-Stable Liftgates

In order to maintain the integrity of your vehicle’s structure, enclosed auto shipping makes heavy use of liftgates. The liftgate functions like an elevator for your vehicle, keeping it horizontal throughout the entire loading, shipping, and offloading process. With no risk of stress to your vehicle’s undercarriage and no minimum height of the ground restrictions, you can ship virtually any vehicle imaginable with the same level of saftey as parking in a garage.

When to Use Enclosed Auto Transport

We recommend using enclosed auto transportation in several situations if you have:

  • Classic or Antique Vehicles
  • Low Profile or Low Clearance Vehicles
  • Vehicle with Exposed Interiors
  • Show Cars and High End Vehicles

Interested in Shipping Enclosed with American Auto Move?

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