Express Auto Transport

There are times when you can wait a few days for your car to get picked up, and there are times that you cannot. For those times that you can’t wait, there is express auto transport. Express auto transport (sometimes called expedited auto transport) is a speedier version of our open car shipping services. Although express auto transport is not available along all routes at all times, it can be extremely powerful whenever it is applicable.

Incredibly Fast Auto Transport

The best reason to use express auto transport is that it’s incredibly fast. When you need a vehicle shipped yesterday, you really need to go with express auto transport. In locations where express auto transport is available, pick ups will take place within 24 hours of placing your order.

Team Drivers and Express Auto Transport

If you’re not on a timeline for pick up, but you are on a timeline for delivery, then team drivers are a good option. Drivers are allowed a maximum of 8 hours per day on the road, and this limits the speed with which your vehicle can get to where it needs to go. But when team drivers are employed, you can literally cut your delivery time in half! If you need speed, then express auto transport is the only way to go!

Available in All the Major Metro Areas

Express auto transport is available in areas with a high concentration of traffic. These areas tend to be in major metro areas. However, make sure that you check the pricing and availability of express auto transport in your area before making your decision.

Interested in Express Auto Transport with American Auto Move?

If you’re in need of our super-fast express auto transport services, then please call American Auto Move right away at (888) 201-2370 or get yourself a free auto transport quote to check for pricing and availability.

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