Terminal Shipping

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A Terminal Used for Port to Port Auto Shipping

There is much debate about how terminal shipping fits into the auto transport niche. It is obviously an essential service in some situations, but in others it is less than ideal. Understanding what termingl shipping and how one should use it is an important factor in determining the success of your auto transport.

What is Terminal Shipping?

Terminal shipping is a type of auto transport in which your vehicle is both loaded from and delivered to a terminal. A terminal is essentially a yard or hub in which vehicles are stored until a carrier arrives. Vehicles shipped using terminal shipping are normally stored at a terminal for a period of time before they are released to a carrier for shipping.

When is Terminal Shipping Used?

Terminal auto shipping may be used for a variety of situations. Perhaps the most common usage of terminal shipping is for the cheap transportation of consumer auto transport moves. However, it is also used for port to port shipping.

Why is Terminal Shipping Used?

Terminal shipping is primarily used to save money. Terminal shipping is relatively cheaper than direct auto transport, the most common type of auto transport. The terminal functions as a consolidation area for vehicles travelling to the same area. This is more economical for haulers, as the cost of transportation and delivery is marginally cheaper when all of the vehicles on the load are to be delivered in close proximity to one another, which in turn lowers the rate overall. This is especially true when performing terminal to terminal auto shipping

Why Should I Use Terminal Shipping?

There are only a few situations in which one should use terminal shipping. If you’re shipping to Hawaii or Alaska, you’ll have no choice but to use a form of terminal shipping known as port to port auto shipping?(sometimes called terminal to terminal ?auto transport.) You might also want to consider terminal shipping if:

  • You need an exact pick up and drop off date
  • You are limited by how much you can spend on transport
  • If you are comfortable with the possibility of having to drive to a terminal location to make your pick up and drop off

Why Shouldn’t I Use Terminal Shipping?

There are some negative aspects of terminal shipping that you should be aware of. They include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Storage fees if a vehicle is not picked up within a certain timeframe
  • Little control over when a vehicle is picked up or delivered to a terminal
  • Your vehicle may be handled by several individuals while in the custody of the terminal
  • Your vehicle will likely be exposed to the open air while waiting for transport

Interested in Terminal Shipping?

It is advisable to speak to a representative before making a final decision on whether or not to use terminal shipping. If you would like to speak to an auto transport representative in regards to your shipping, call American Auto Move today at (888) 201-2370.

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